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Fully licensed to carry out asbestos roof replacement.

You will not meet with a salesperson for your asbestos roof replacement quote – you will meet with the owner of the company – his years of training and experience in the field mean your safety comes first.

We are safe, efficient and qualified. We have over 30 years of experience, and an impressive satisfaction rate across thousands of jobs.

When you restore a building, you are attempting to return it to the appearance that it had at a particular period in time. Heritage restoration is aimed at returning a heritage building back to its previous condition or appearance.

Because it is a specialised field, it requires specifically skilled workers and often calls for traditional techniques and special materials. Many wall restoration and roofing contractors are not qualified or licensed to perform these jobs. At Heritage Home Restorations, we have the accreditation, experience and commitment to ensure that all heritage roofing and other restorations are carried out to the highest standards and with the utmost respect to tradition.

  • Restoration keeps money within the community, by requiring fewer materials from outside and more labour-intensive work by local trades.
  • Heritage preservation and designation increase property values, both of the restored building and surrounding properties.
  • Restoration reduces construction and demolition waste and uses less than half the energy of new construction.
Western Australian law states that re-roofing must be approved by your local council. This means submitting a Building Permit Application or risking fines. Nobody likes struggling with paperwork and plans, not to mention finding a Structural Engineer to provide a Tie Down detail! But you don’t have to worry because Tin Roofing coordinates all the necessary paperwork and lodges the application on your behalf. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that.